Mobile Repair
if you have problem regarding battery or power issues , screen damaged or you want to replacement of LCD, home button, power button, charging port, back cover, water damage, battery replacement, microphone replacement, speaker replacement so you can call us.

  • Book a free technician visit at your home or work according to your convenience.
  • Our good skilled technician will be there and make it as good as new.
  • We also provide computer repairing.
  • computer mother board repair service.
  • Computer Chip Level Servicing,Software Installation Services, Computer Amc Services
  • computer hardware maintainance and data recovery services.

We have experts technicians who can replace damaged parts of a famous brand. who also replace phone screen of your mobile phone with an hour. Motherboard failure is a problematic situation for mobile phone owners. Damaged motherboard of the mobile phone seems to be like a dead phone. Our experts technician will fix it in a few minutes.

Presently mobile become the most valuable thing of our life. you learning from a mobile or you also earn from mobile. you dance and cooking with mobile. In a few minutes mobile connect us to the whole world. But if your mobile phone damage so your lots of time will be wasted because of the damaged phone. so you should always check debris or proper power supply and another problem which come when you dropping your phone on the floor and sometimes you bring your phone in heating or direct sunlight for an extended period of time can occur many problems like a dead battery, slow function and some time it can explode because of overheating.