People having problems regarding mobile phone

some problems regarding the phone you can solve with yourself. if your phone does not work fast

older people having problems with their phone like phones hang during video recording or sending files. so you have to clean your phone and close or delete apps, files and clear the cache data. if you recently installed an app and your phone not working well. you should uninstall it and see if your mobile phone is faster. if it does not work. you can also save on Google Drive, dropbox.

when your phone storage is going full

when you save too many photos, songs, files, documents. sometimes old files which you forget them still on your mobile phone storage. It occupies lots of space of your mobile phone and your mobile phone going slow so first you delete those files and apps which you don’t want to use further and you can also delete old calls and text messages and clean the cache data and those files you would like to keep with yourself. you can save on a microSD card.

if you dropped your mobile phone in water that time you should not turn ON your mobile phone then remove the battery and put the mobile they can easily understand that the phone is wet or it has to be fixed.

cracked mobile phone screen

if your mobile phone screen has been cracked so you should have to change the phone screen because it is made of glass it’s not safe if you have kids and it can create problems with your mobile phone touch or moisture debris can easily enter in your mobile phone screen. you should buy a good quality mobile cover and tempered to protect your mobile phone screen.

phone getting overheats

whenever your phone getting overheat it will scare us. overheating of phone can damage the battery and screen so how to manage when our phone gets overheat. first, keep away from a heated place or direct sunlight we should keep our phone in a pouch or hanging bag where heat can not enter in your phone. we should reduce the brightness of mobile phones and close all the apps which unnecessarily increase the heat of the phone and off data or wifi and cancel the update and download until you are not sure that your phone is no more heated.

Repairing tools


iron can remove the capacitor resistance diode.

The soldering station

contains two things.

stand for holding an get an option to reduce the temperature inside the soldering iron.


PCB the holder is used to holding any kind of motherboard, so when you are going to repair a motherboard that motherboard does not change position from its place.

Soldering wire

soldering wire is used to connect the charging jack.

Multimeter is used to check components.